About Us


We're glad you asked!  The short answer is that SWINGKONG is a brand of athletic leisure clothing designed to have a great look while staying extremely comfortable.  SWINGKONG was created from a vision by our founding partner, Cory Newman. The vision is WAY BIGGER than simply a clothing brand...It's a brand of clothing designed to reflect a way of life.  When we say and encourage our fans to #HitItHard, it's not just about hitting a golf ball, a softball, a baseball,  or a slapshot; it's about how you hit everything in life.  Remember, no one has every achieved great things by taking it easy.

Cory Newman, Who is he?

I am just a regular guy from a small town in Illinois who grew up with a love for the game of baseball my entire life, I now call St. Louis my home. Nearly everything in my life has revolved around baseball, from the sandlot type fields in my hometown to playing through high school and college. The success and failures over the years along with everything my coaches and my parents taught me has shaped me to who I am. I am grateful for all of them and want to leave this world a better place than when I came into it. Love for y'all to join me.